Why there is this page:

I am a German patent assessor. I deal with inventors on a daily basis and find that, on average, I am constantly being asked the same questions concerning the general understanding of patent law. For this reason, I would like to provide an information page that explains the basics as simply as possible and thus quickly facilitates the handling of own applications, the reading of patent documents and communication with the patent office.

If you need help:

If you have any suggestions or topic requests for my videos / for my blog, then please use the comment function or send me an e-mail (mail@einfach-patent.de). If you need help with the training of your developers, you can also send me an email.

Photo credits:

The background image and pictures in my contributions have been taken from patent applications/patent specifications, unless i have designed them myself, which are publicly available in the Register of Patent Offices. The background image comes from various publications of the US Patent Office (USPTO), while the explanations for the cover sheet are made on the basis of writings from the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA).

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