Online course

Would you like to take a course from the comfort of your home or office? Would you like to be able to view content at your own pace, independently of others and, if necessary, several times?

Then my online course is something for you.
Whether alone or with several colleagues at the same time: The online course teaches you all the important things you need to know as a developer and decision-maker.

The content is based on my self-developed patent roadmap for inventors in companies.

The online course first provides you with important basic knowledge about patent law and then guides you with the patent roadmap through the individual stations that you will encounter as an inventor.

In addition to theoretical input, there will also be many practical exercises, so that you learn how to deal with patent issues in the long term. I will also provide you with helpful flowcharts and templates to make your work easier. In addition, weekly live sessions are planned, where you can ask me your questions.

The course is currently in preparation and will probably be spread over a period of 6 weeks.

The following contents await you:

Module 1: Introduction


Advantages of making good inventions

Rights and duties as an inventor


Module 2: Basics Patent Law and Inventions

What is a patent, What can you do with a patent, Utility model vs. patent

Where is a patent valid and for how long?

Procedure ID to patent, behavior of inventors

Patent systems and priority law

Reading + understanding patent claims

Patent examination: prior art + patentability


Module 3: The patent roadmap

The patent roadmap for developers: overview of individual stops

The idea (evaluation)

The invention disclosure

The patent application (description, drawings, abstract, cover sheet)

The search report + reaction

The examination report + reaction

The request for use + brief overview of compensation


Module 4: Search, destruction, patent infringement

Patent specifications and registers

Search: Why, Tools, Strategies

Destruction of patents

Recognizing patent infringement