Recordings of lectures

If you are interested in specific topics, you can purchase recordings of lectures here. This will give you intensive input that will help you further and that you can play and repeat depending on the time available.

The recording of my talk on “How to motivate inventors in companies?” is currently in preparation and will be available soon. I gave the talk at an association of Japanese patent attorneys from large Japanese companies and it offers a new approach away from mere incentive schemes. In it, I looked at the scientific findings on motivation – especially among inventors in companies – and psychology.

Here is some feedback on my presentation:

Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday.

It was very impressive and informative.

It included new information as well as tips on how to motivate inventors.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, i.e. spiral dynamics, reward trolling, and the research in Japan by RIETI…

HIDETOSHI TSUZAKI, patent attorney